JE Model Management

JE Model Management is the premier model agency located in San Francisco's Financial District. As a boutique agency, JE focuses on the importance of career growth both in the US and abroad. Founded by Phillip Gums and John Erlendson, JE gives crucial guidance to both novice and veteran models. With an enthusiastic eye on the San Francisco fashion community's future growth, JE sets a new standard with opportunities in all aspects of the modeling industry.

Established in 2003, longtime model Phillip teamed up with JE Talent owner John, whose 30-plus years of experience in the entertainment industry made them natural partners. Using their own experiences as a blueprint, they created a vision for JE Model that aimed to serve the needs of both the model and the client. With that successful strategy, JE Model has quickly become a powerhouse in the San Francisco entertainment industry, energizing the community with its fresh approach to model management.

Each member of the JE team advocates a strong belief in business as family, strong working relationships, a healthy work ethic, attention to detail, and a superior level of caring for both their models and their clients. JE Model has the benefit of working with JE Talent to offer models a broader scope of career opportunities including commercials, television, film and voice-over work.